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Supported files

Supported files
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images - JPG or PNG or EXR image files
* - Depends on how the file was created

Where can I find the Leica database file?

1. Start Cyclone REGISTER 360
2. In the project settings, define the folder in which your project is stored
3. Navigate to this folder using "Explorer". Inside the folder you will find a file called something like "project_deliv_*.db"
4. Now you can upload this file to the site along with the panoramas in JPG format to generate a virtual tour

What should a TXT file contain?

TXT files must contain coordinates in the following format:

position = [positionX, positionY, positionZ];
orientation = [rotationW, rotationX, rotationY, rotationZ];
For example:
position = [-60.2344, 30.0544, -0.185128];
orientation = [0.804644, -8.74489e-06, -1.45999e-05, 0.593758];

Optimal LGS file settings

Optimal LGS file settings

Where can I find RMX-files?

Where can I find RMX-files?


A point cloud consisting of several scanning stations must be pre-processed (Scan Point Clouds are created, for better visualization the Edge Artifact Filter is disabled), registered and placed in a single cluster. Export the contents of the cluster as shown in the screenshot:



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