Create awesome virtual tours or point clouds with us in few minutes!

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To automatically create a virtual tour or point cloud

Upload one of these
  • *.E57
  • Export from Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 PLUS
  • Export from Z+F LaserControl®
  • Export from Trimble RealWorks
  • *.JPG (with GPS data in EXIF)
Get the finished result
  • Virtual tour
  • Point cloud (only for E57)
  • more details see in FAQ

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Our advantages

  • The tour is created automatically
  • Data can be uploaded from any laser scanners supporting the specified formats
  • No need to install any additional software
  • The tour can be viewed from any device with an internet browser installed

Additional features

  • Virtual tour viewing is available both online and offline
  • Generating a link with a specified view direction
  • Automatic detection and blurring of people and cars entering the shooting area
  • Creating comments directly within the tour

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